Who is Pierise?



I have always loved the ideology of having an unusual name. In fact my father later explained why he decided to name me Pierise. He initially wanted to name me Paris but later changed his mind, he saw me as precious and unique. So only a unique name will do, so from his genius mind he came up with Pierise, Pierise Marshall. You see, I was raised in the little but the largest city in the South West of England, Bristol. By little I mean now and then you would bump into someone you know. In this little city poetry is not fully recognised and appreciated. This is when I decided to make the passion I have for poetry public. In my writing, I write about my personal journey, my loves, my truths, my fears, my weaknesses and strengths and anything else I have passion for. Poetry is art; therefore it surrounds us and I hope to shed light on it.

My only desire is to touch your soul with words!


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