This piece spoke on the very first time I experienced his touch which was alien to me. It was like no other touch I had experienced before. It all started with me deciding whether to head home or stay at my friends. It was like god was whispering in my ear convincing me to stay, so that is exactly what I did. I stayed, and there he came walking into my life. Both of us unaware of the impact we’d have on each other. He came confident, quiet, assessing his surroundings. Accompanied by my friends brother. A unexpected visit, I wasn’t looking my best but that didn’t stop our eyes locking. Very quickly I could feel a connection building, out of my control. The evening flew by quicker than usual, and we all got more comfortable in each others presence.

A debate about star signs quickly flared up, which displayed a side to him I liked. Strong willed, strong willed he was. Clearly spoken and intelligent, oh how could I resist? As I watch his lips speak every word. Still, I fight my corner. Putting up a good fight which I know he loved. His eyes light up as I speak about compatibility between signs, our signs, Taurus and Scorpio. Oh we are opposites, but opposites attract. How could I pull from this attraction? In fact I didn’t want to, I was willing to give into the attraction there and then but I had to play this game steady. And steady it was, as days past and we all met up at my friends to be in each others company, watching films, ordering takeout food. Oh let’s not forget the cheeky tampered with brownies we tempted to make which went horribly wrong, but we still managed to eat some and feel the effects. I remember the jokes I kept saying “they are mouth watering” whilst we were trying to eat them which made him laugh, I loved his laugh.

Another day went past and my desire for him only got stronger. One evening at my friends, all in each others company again. My friend decided she wanted to check out a club night at a pub, I go along reluctantly knowing he didn’t want to go, I went ahead with my friend and her brother and left him and his friend back at the house. I wasn’t in the club for long, all I kept thinking about was him, being with him, wanting to get back to him. I was pretty sure I had already developed an attachment to him and we hadn’t even kissed. I messaged him, telling him how I wasn’t enjoying myself to he replied. “Come back”, oh I jumped at the thought, I quickly told my friend that I was heading back to the house, thank god it was only round the corner. I was making my way back to the house and I could see him opening the door and standing there watching me get closer and closer. He greeted me with a smile, that type of smile in which to say I’m so glad you came back.

That infectious smile. Back in the serenity of his company. As the night runs we fall asleep, all on the sofa, me, my friend and him. I can feel his breathing on the back of my neck, and hear him shuffling closer wrapping his arms around me. Oh his touch, it was nothing I had felt before, it was so alien. Oh I loved this alien. He plants alien kisses down my neck, reaching my shoulder’s. And there that feeling was. I drifted off into the land of dreams, dreams of me and him. So blissful.



9 thoughts on “Alien

  1. selina

    WOW sis Utterly Amazing such beautiful & touching sensational words. Absolutely Fantastic I love it ,lovely inspiring words from within the heart perfect 😆xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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