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My life has changed dramatically, I had no say or choice. But it is now something I have to live with. And writing is something that has not changed, I guess it is the only thing I do have full control of. So, I will continue to share my thoughts and life with you all. Down to my darkest hours, to my not so dark hours… whatever that means. Watch this space!

Ps. Mothers are the walking gods on earth, treasure them. They were our first home.



My first spoken word performance experience!

On the 9th of April, I performed my first spoken word at the Life and Soul event in Bristol. I have to admit I was very nervous and didn’t know what to expect, I’m so use to writing and sharing my work online but I wanted to challenge myself and progress. It was a great experience and opportunity for me to share my work in front of a live audience, and it was magical! Practice makes perfect and it is something I’m willing to do again.

More poetry to come! And I’ll keep you all posted!

Love and blessings!


Pierise x


Reflection is a must.
I do it regularly, throughout the day, at night when I lay to rest. I reflect on my journey, what’s to come, and what I desire. I reflect and analyse people, those in my life, and whether they bring me joy, and genuine love. Or if I need to let them go, which I have learnt to do. I guess you drift from people who once meant something to you, it’s not a bad thing. It’s just life, you drift away. You grow, they grow. People see it differently. I know everything happens for a reason.
Always take time to reflect. Celebrate you!

– Pierise x