Comfort Inn


This poem speaks on a relationship which remained hidden. One I had formed but didn’t want to progress in to a committed relationship. I wasn’t in the right mind, however he was which I later discovered. He was someone who didn’t ask questions, someone I wouldn’t speak to for days and I wouldn’t feeling upset about it. It may sound bad, but It wouldn’t have bothered me enough if I never heard from him again. Well I say this now, but at one point I did care. He was like a fish, which would appear and suddenly disappear. I wasn’t surprised when I found out he was a Pisces. But even so, I realised that I didn’t care enough. Because I would also disappear, like water… I was hard to grasp. He was the swimming fish and I was the water which he swam in, surrounding him. And that’s what it came to, and I still didn’t care enough. I remember the day he confessed his feelings for me, yet a fear crept up. I didn’t know what to say, I felt to never show my face again. It was like he over stepped the boundary, my boundaries! And that’s when I realised I had to put a stop to this before one of us got hurt. I must confess, he was my sacred comfort inn.



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