Destiny Forgot You

Destiny forgot you,

he forgot to give you to my early years.

The beginning,

to which the world started to shape us.

Destiny forgot you,

he forgot to bless you with two instead of one.

A lost bloodline,

lost in a world full of variety.

Destiny forgot you,

when I needed six instead of five.

A mirrored age to share this page,

pages embedded in this book of life.

Our lives, separated at birth.

Separated from a world before this one.

Destiny forgot you,

when he was rewiring the earth.

But fate remembered you,

she remembered to piece together the puzzle.

Our puzzle, to which we both hold the pieces.

Fate remembered you,

she remembered that it was inevitable.

We would meet.

Two soul sisters,

destiny trembling at our feet.

So, you see,

destiny forgot you.

But fate remembered you,

she gave me a best friend in you,

the sister that destiny forgot.

Fate remembered you.



This poem is dedicated to my special friend, she’s the best ‘toe’ anyone could ask for, keeping me balanced through my crazy episodes!