In The Shadows


Painting by pierise

Oil painting by me.

This was the very first piece I ever wrote over a year ago. I had so much built up emotion that needed to be released. And this is how I released it, I released the pain I felt into this work. I remember writing this poem as I led in bed crying wondering where we went wrong, whilst hearing the rain storm down with anger.

My anger, it was the reflection of how I felt. I have found that when I’m at my lowest the rain is always there to comfort me. As if its gods way of telling me everything will be okay. A temporary feeling which will make you stronger, wiser. But it hurt, knowing we blossomed and then burned. This attachment I formed, knowing full well it had to be broken. So I recovered in the shadows, to the comfort of the rain which sneaked through my open window. In my own solitude, back to what I knew.



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