Owned Eyes

These eyes became his eyes.

His glance, his intense glance.

Owning my eyes instantly.

Those hazel eyes,

Brown with a hint of green,

Owning these dark brown eyes.

Filled with wonder,


His eyes become my eyes.

Owning his eyes in his presence.

His eyes latching on to me,

As I drift around this room,

Soaking up his attention.

Oh, how I owned his eyes.

Oh, how he owned mine.


I wrote this piece whilst reminiscing about how a past relationship blossomed. A heart felt moment in my life which will forever be treasured. As time went by the connection between me and him grew stronger. We possessed each other. I loved soaking up his attention in a room full of people. Our never ending conversations, in the corner of the room; our own little solitude. Ignoring the world around us. It was me his eyes locked on to, it was me his eyes desired.



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