Scorpio Child

October is where it starts.

November is where it ends.

The eighth sign of the zodiac,

Where still water runs deep.

A keen sense of intuition,

Sussing your character.

Powerful and fearless.

Stubborn and determined.

Embedded loyalty.

An intense soul,

Filled with passion,

And desire.

Oh, this Scorpio child.

Complex, with a secretive nature.

Eyes that will pierce your soul,

Missing nothing.

A dangerous temper hidden in their shadow.

Unafraid of the dark side of life.

With suppressed emotions.

Wise beyond their years.

With a mystical path.

Oh, this Scorpio child.

Attracted to powerful red and serious black.

A powerhouse.

The sex sign,

Though love is no game.

An adventurous lover,

Dominant in the bedroom.

Exploring the dark realms.

A forbidden taste,

A wild ride.

I dare one to stroke Scorpios fiery passion.

Oh, this Scorpio child.


Born during autumn, late October. A Scorpio child was born. I have always been fascinated with how the zodiac works, and the various characteristics which are inhabited by signs. I would read about the many signs and their characteristics, using the internet at first then ancient books discussing the zodiacs. With this knowledge I then started observing the behaviours of others around me. Their actions, their way of thinking, their attitude to life, and people. I began to identify the characteristics that were more dominant in certain signs. And this has influenced my interest into the psychology of people.

So fascinating.






15 thoughts on “Scorpio Child

    1. The zodiac is very fascinating! It is a great read which opens your mind to the varying characteristics that are dominant in certain signs! Thank you, I’m happy you enjoyed reading Scorpio child πŸ’™


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